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Where do you and your loved ones fall on the scale of addiction ?

Why Does Rehab Have a Stigma?


When battling an addiction, there are many aspects of getting treatment that can make things harder for the addict. In some cases admitting there is a problem or wanting to end an addiction aren't the hardest parts. For some, the stigma surrounding r...Continue Reading

How do I prepare for rehab?


After you have decided that going to an addiction treatment center is the best course of action, there are several steps to consider to ensure you are fully prepared to take advantage of your stay.

Most people will feel stressed out because career...Continue Reading

How much does it cost?


The Cost of a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program

There is no set cost for rehabilitation programs. The cost depends on the needs of each individual. This should not make any person feel they cannot afford rehab if they have a low income. Treatment opt...Continue Reading

Should I travel for rehab?


Should I Travel For Rehab?

While traveling for rehab is a complex issue, it is more important to consider the right treatment option for you instead of the location.

Choosing Where to Go to Rehab

Sometimes, the right place isn't nearby. Each...Continue Reading

Is My Addiction Bad Enough?


The United States healthcare system has undergone a wide variety of changes over the past few years. As the overall health of its citizens continues to deteriorate and people live longer, certain aspects of healthcare are costing an increasingly larg...Continue Reading

How do I Pay?


Rehab can be an expensive process. The cost will vary depending on the amount of care required. Residual treatment programs offer the most comprehensive care but are also the most expensive. Outpatient centers are lower cost but do not provide as man...Continue Reading

No matter what you're going through, there is an addiction treatment solution that's right for you.

We can help you find the treatment center based on your location, budget and specific needs for support.

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