Packing For Rehab

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Packing For Rehab

Checking into rehab is a huge step for anyone who is seeking help with addiction and recovery. It can be an overwhelming step, as well, especially if a person has never checked into a rehab facility before. One of the main questions a person has is what they can and should bring with them upon checking in. Most rehab places provide a general checklist of what should be brought and what should be left at home. It also varies from place to place. There are a few items, however, the remain consistent across the board.


Addiction centers specialize in getting a person back on track to their own personal recovery. It's also a time of reflection. Therefore, they recommend that a person brings a journal or notebook and writing utensils. This way they can write out their thoughts and keep track of their own journey. It's also recommended that a person brings stamps and envelopes. That way, if they feel so inclined, they can involve loved ones in the process by writing to them about their recovery. Therefore, it's also crucial to bring along a list of who a person wants to be involved in this process. This can include but is not limited to, family, friends, sponsors, etc. If a person requires medication then it's key that they follow these strict guidelines. The medication should be brought in it's original bottle with the label intact. Finally, a person will need things from their wallet just like in the outside world. This means a debit or credit card to pay for treatment, some cash for outings to the store or the vending machine, and an insurance card.

What Type Of Clothes To Pack

Most rehab centers will have certain rules about what should be worn. A person should ultimately dress for comfort, though. This includes packing t-shirts, sweatpants, sweaters, and jeans. A good sturdy pair of tennis shoes is also great to bring along. Those checking in should make sure that they have enough underwear and socks to last them. Most rehab centers do provide laundry on site so a person shouldn't worry about overpacking. It's also important to bring along fancier clothe such as a nice dress shirt for a man and a skirt for a woman. This is for those special occasion nights like family night.

Packing Toiletries

While in rehab, it's important to feel fresh as well. A person should typically pack a month's worth of personal hygiene products and beauty supplies. This includes all of the basics like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, and makeup if they use it.

Overall, it's important to check with the rehab center first about what is allowed and what isn't. There are usually rules set in place but generally, a person can expect what to pack. They should know to bring certain items, toiletries, and their most comfortable clothing. Making sure that a person is well packed for rehab will alleviate stress and allow them to focus on their recovery.

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