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Drug and Alcohol Detox


Drug and Alcohol Detox

Physical withdrawal symptoms can vary widely depending on a number of factors including:

 substance abused
 length of use
 level of dependency experienced by the user
 method used (smoking, in...Continue Reading

Common Myths About Addiction Treatments


Most of us know someone who has battled addiction. Some people have even struggled with addiction themselves. Addition to anything such as alcohol, tobacco, and drugs takes a major toll not just on the individual but on the friends, family, and loved...Continue Reading

Medications for addictions


Addiction is a difficult situation with extreme and often horrific consequences. Most people with an addiction deny having a problem and avoid treatment. The belief is that trying to quit the drug of choice would be as difficult as the addiction itse...Continue Reading

Faith-Based Treatment


There are few families in America or the world that are not affected by drugs or alcohol. To make matters worse, there are more instances of dual addiction now than ever before. Very rarely do I meet someone who has just learned I am a recovering alc...Continue Reading

Inpatient vs Outpatient


Deciding If Inpatient Or Outpatient Is Best For Recovery

Have you began to recognize a destructive pattern of behavior from drinking, medication or drug abuse? If you or a loved one have decided to make a positive change and began the steps to rec...Continue Reading

InPatient Rehab


Inpatient rehabilitation is one of several alternatives available for individuals who are seeking treatment for substance abuse problems. Many characteristics are common to both inpatient and outpatient programs, but the main difference is that when ...Continue Reading

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