Wine Addictions and Abuse

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Wine Addiction and Abuse

Alcohol has been with humanity for countless millennia. Nearly every society has had alcoholic beverage consumption as a part of its culture. As a highly popular beverage, wine, an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes, is widely consumed. This popularity leads to many cases of alcoholism, a disorder involving dependence on alcohol, in people predisposed to develop the disorder. With its reputation for class and sophistication, wine consumers may not think wine is as addictive as more illicit substances, such as cocaine or heroin. Many alcoholics may consider their wine abuse to be no different than someone who overindulges pizza or chocolate. However, the warning signs of wine alcoholism cannot be ignored.

Someone who is an alcoholic may not necessarily understand the depth and nature of their drinking problem. Often it takes someone else to identify the problem and help the afflicted person seek help. Some wine drinkers believe binge drinking on the weekends doesn't make them an alcoholic because they are not consuming wine daily. Other drinkers believe frequent wine consumption at all times of the day simply means one is a wine connoisseur. Even for those who seem to drink "modestly" signs of alcoholism may be seen in their neglect of responsibilities.

The behavior of a wine addict while intoxicated is often a sign to those around them that there is a problem with alcohol abuse but the individual themselves may not believe this. While intoxicated wine addicts often gain "liquid courage" and behave in a brazen fashion . They may say offensive things to others and even attack those around them. Risky behaviors, such as unprotected intercourse and gambling, may occur while under the influence of wine as well. After sobering up, the behavior of an alcoholic tends to "normalize" and no memory of the problem behavior is retained. This creates a challenge for those who would like to help sufferers of alcoholism.

If alcoholism did not interfere with the ability of affected patients to live healthy and successful lives, it would not be considered a disorder. The financial, emotional, and social issues that result from alcoholism are its main symptoms.

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