Common Myths About Addiction Treatments

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Most of us know someone who has battled addiction. Some people have even struggled with addiction themselves. Addition to anything such as alcohol, tobacco, and drugs takes a major toll not just on the individual but on the friends, family, and loved ones around them. Addictions are notoriously hard to break which is the reason why so many different addiction treatments are out there. Unfortunately, with so many treatment options there are going to be some sources of bad information out there. We will attempt to dispel some of these myths in the article below. Read on for more accurate information!

1. Treatment for addiction takes a single treatment

Many people out there think that a simple pill or a singular trip or stay at a treatment for addiction center will solve the addiction problem. This could not be further from the truth. Similar to treating other diseases, treatment for addiction time, patient, and determination. The truth is even after treatment most people will relapse once. People with addiction problems will depend on the love and support of those around them just as much as treatment from addiction specialists themselves. Treating an addiction issue is a constant and ongoing problem. While there are some people who can quit on the first attempt, the truth is most people will require multiple treatment attempts or stays at specialized facilities.

2. There is a single treatment for all forms of abuse

This is one of the most common myths. All forms of addiction are different the same way there are different forms of infection out there. Just as they various infections require different antibiotic treatments every addiction problem requires a different treatment as well. Treatments such as Chantix are for nicotine and tobacco addictions. Methadone is for opioid addiction. Disulfiram for alcohol addiction. Do not let anyone tell you that all addictions should be treated the same way. It is important to get specialized care for different addiction treatments to ensure that the treatment has the best shot at success.

3. For treatment to truly be successful, the person should hit "rock bottom" first

Again, this is not true at all. Addiction comes in all shapes and sizes. Some people are addicted to cigarettes and smoke 3 cigarettes a day. Some people smoke 2 packs a day. Some people with drinking problems are wildly successful. Others are on the verge of death. Addiction looks different to everyone just as all treatment plans are different. Addiction in any form is risky and dangerous with severely adverse impacts on the people around them. Anyone with an addiction problem deserves our support and should be treated with the appropriate care to maximize the opportunity for a sustained recovery.

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