Motivational Enhancement Therapy is a technique used to persuade addicts to accept recovery

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Overview of Addiction

With the healthcare system of today, all people have witnessed substance abuse issues. It is one of the most ubiquitous healthcare problems facing the country today, yet also one of the most stigmatized. With many drugs and all alcohol legal beyond a certain age, it's no mystery why there are so many people struggling with substance abuse today. When it comes to addiction, some terms get thrown around constantly. Substance abuse is using a substance for any purpose other that its intent. For example, using a prescription medication in a way other than the physician prescribed it for. Substance dependence means the inability to function without that substance. Dependence is marked by social strife due to excessive time and effort spent obtaining that substance. Tolerance is marked by the requirement of a greater amount of the substance to obtain the same effect. Addiction is commonly marked by some or all of these issues, contributing to significant social damage on both the patient and their family and friends.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy and Addiction

The most successful treatments are multifaceted using a variety of treatment methods. This can involve outpatient counseling and inpatient hospitalization, group therapy, and various medical treatments. One of the newer treatments on the scene is called Motivational Enhancement Therapy. Everyone knows that counseling both with therapists and group sessions are an essential part of breaking addictions. Motivational Enhancement Therapy is a subset of counseling. This newer therapy focuses on speaking to the patient in such a way that fosters the development of internal motivation. In this way, the patient finds the root cause that has led to their addiction along with possible solutions. Without treating the cause no treatment will have success because, like a weed, the addiction will return. By allowing the patient to develop their own motivation and goals for breaking the addiction, Motivational Enhancement Therapy helps the patient find their way out themselves rather than forcing or guiding the patient down an intended path. Because every patient's addiction and reasons for that addiction are different, the path towards treatment and cure are different as well.

Ultimately, Motivational Enhancement Therapy is only one of many different treatment choices. This is a newer treatment that has shown promise with a moderate rate of success so far. Those patients who are more driven will find more success with Motivational Enhancement Therapy because this treatment derives from the internal confidence of the patient. Addiction is challenging to treat and requires patience from family and friends.

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