Sonata is a hypnotic sedative drug that is commonly used for treating sleep disorders

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Sonata or Zaleplon, the drugs pharmacological name is a schedule VI controlled substance that is prescribed for individuals with moderate sleeping disorders, it is also classified as a weaker version of other known sleep disorder drugs, however, sonata can cause psychological dependence, and seeking appropriate addiction treatment can become difficult for those suffering from chronic sleep disorders.

According to the FDA in 2013 over 60 million prescriptions for sleeping pills were filled, and roughly 1 in 500 of those persons are children. Additionally, the FDA also added that 44% of all people using sleeping pills to combat sleep disorders are at risk for developing serious infections such as sinusitis, respiratory complications, as well as allergic reactions.

Because taking prescription medication for sleep disorders is considered far less dangerous that other medical ailments such as chronic pain, it is many times more difficult to diagnose potential addiction issues, especially those taking Sonata. Common signs of dependence can include the need to take larger doses to achieve the same quality of sleep, abrupt irritation, and fatigue when not taking Sonata, increased symptoms of insomnia, along with the desperate need to always take the medication more often than recommended by a doctor.

Those who have experienced positive results when initially taking Sonata may be very resistant to discontinue its use after they begin to experience insomnia, and may even feel troubled and tense when they under the influence of this medication.

There have been many medical publications and sleep study reports on both the short and long term effects of using prescription medication to combat insomnia and in every published report it is clear that when the underlying elements, such as depression, or chronic pain that cause insomnia or even minor sleep deprivation are not addressed, using prescription medication will only mask these prevailing symptoms for a short time, however, they can easily continue to cause further harm to those suffering from prolonged periods of insomnia.

Doctor all agree that treating the underlying symptoms first will always provide the lasting relief sought by those victims of insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

Seeking help for yourself or a loved one who is suffering from Sonata addiction isn't an easy task but you should know that even mild addictions can and will continue until they cause additional serious problems and in some cases even death. The first step is accepting that you have a problem and then allow yourself to ask for help. There are professionals who will provide you the tools and support you need to become healthy, independent and addiction free.

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