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Deciding If Inpatient Or Outpatient Is Best For Recovery

Have you began to recognize a destructive pattern of behavior from drinking, medication or drug abuse? If you or a loved one have decided to make a positive change and began the steps to recovery, inpatient and outpatient facilities can help make the journey easier, more effective and an attainable goal. There are many factors that may affect your choice and the decision should be made on an individual base. Cost, time commitment and other considerations should all be weighed when considering a successful recovery program.


Inpatient Treatment Facilities

Inpatient treatment programs are residential facilities that offer a controlled environment, 24 hour medical and emotional support, and the opportunity to make a focused recovery effort. With no access to alcohol and drugs, the chances of recover are greater. During the inpatient recovery process the structured daily activities provides a useful pattern of behavior that may contribute to success upon leaving the facility. The support of family members and others in the residential setting can add to the level of resolve needed for recovery, and while there, an individual gains tools to be used when their stay is over. Inpatient treatment cost more because of room and board as well as other specialized care and treatment available in the environment. However, some insurance companies do not include inpatient treatment as part of their policy.


Outpatient Treatment Facilities

Some people looking for the right recovery facility consider outpatient treatment because it fits better into maintaining their current responsibilities. Participants can continue to care for their families and work. Counseling can take place at more convenient times including weekends and evenings. The tools and learning can be applied immediately and practiced to make immediate positive changes. Outpatient treatment is also a more affordable option that is covered by most insurances. However, on the down side, participant have access and exposure to drugs and alcohol and are less likely to focus on recovery. Hopefully family members can take a greater part in the recovery process by learning about the challenges faced and providing greater support.


Recognizing The Need

Whether you and your loved one decide on the specialized and intensive care of an inpatient residential treatment facilities or the freedom and flexibility of outpatient services depends greatly on what is best for the individual and the probability of successful treatment and recovery. Some work places do offer leave so that the job is waiting for participants when they return. While for some, it is easier to overcome alcohol or drug dependency in an outpatient treatment program that help the participant learn how to live in the real world, overcoming daily challenges. The key is finding the right treatment option for participants to successfully lead a productive and happy life. The first step is recognizing the need for help.

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