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Dilaudid Addiction and Abuse

Dilaudid is an opiate derivative of morphine. It's semi-synthetic, and even though it has proven itself to be highly habit-forming, prescriptions for it are common. It works through the central nervous system by blocking pain signals but the emotional pain it can leave behind is often more devastating than what it was originally prescribed for. Its far too easy to build up a resistance to Dilaudid, and that's when users of this drug typically end up seeking the help of professionals at addiction centers.

Signs of Dilaudid Addiction

Signs of Dilaudid dependency differ from person to person but two of the most common are emotional, and physical symptoms. Stopping its use will bring on withdrawal which can include nervousness, mood swings, and sever depression. Abusers usually self-medicate with another drug or alcohol when Dilaudid isn't available.

Any untreated addiction is risky not only to the abuser, but to those around them as well. Addicts stand to lose more than relationships, finances, or interest in anything not connected to the drug. One overdose is all it takes to kill. Take too much, or mix Dilaudid with another drug or alcohol, and it can be deadly. Dilaudid doesn't have to be the death sentence it has already been for so many if one seeks and then accepts help in time.


Just reading the statistics can be scary but here they are. From 1998 thru 2006, Dilaudid prescriptions increased an incredible 200%. Think about it, going from 470,000 prescriptions to approximately 1,800,000. That's a lot of drugs, and if further research were done, how many would we discover to be unnecessary? Recorded statistics from 2006 state as many as 6,700 people found themselves in the ER due to their opiate addiction, and in between 2004/2008 that number had increased 250%. Those numbers only continue to rise year after year.

Treatment for Dilaudid Addiction

Addiction to Dilaudid doesn't just put the user in danger, the whole family can be seriously affected. It is possible to leave addiction behind, but not without professional help. By the time a person is ready to admit they need help at all, they need it desperately. Some people can't ask for themselves, that's when friends or family need to step up and make the call for them. Doing so does not make you a "rat or snitch," it makes you someone who cares enough to risk a loved one's anger to save their lives. If you or someone you love is addicted to Dilaudid, speak to your doctor right away. To find out more information on treatment, speak to one of our treatment advisers today. We are free, confidential, professional and available to help you 24/7.

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