Librium is a psychotropic, habit forming drug

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How long do the effects of Benzodiazepines last?

Librium is a benzodiazepine that is commonly prescribed to treat anxiety. When taking Librium, users may become addicted to the drug as it suppresses the central nervous system and gives users a “high.” Abuse occurs when users of the drug seek this “high” repeatedly by taking increased doses of Librium or using the drug on a long-term basis. For this reason, Librium is given in small dosages and prescriptions to attempt to avoid addiction and dependence in users. Librium has a half-life between 10-30 hours meaning it can stay in the body for a long time and give users a longer lasting “high” compared to other drugs.

Users of Librium who are becoming addicted will begin to exhibit changes in their lifestyle and behavior. A person developing an addiction may become obsessed with attempting to get “high” as well as spend lots of time and resources attempting to acquire more Librium. Users may lie to friends and family regarding the use of Librium and may even result to stealing in order to buy more medication. Abusers of Librium may also exhibit altered behaviors such as neglecting work, relationships, avoiding daily responsibilities and spending the majority of their days focusing on acquiring the drug or using it.

Signs of addictions include:

• Confusion

• Irritability/altered mood

• Sleep disturbances (Insomnia)

• Mood swings

• Decreased heart rate

• Drug tolerance (need for higher dose to feel “high”)

Every year over 50 million prescriptions are given for benzodiazepines, including Librium. Often times large amounts of Librium end up in the hands of individuals who sell the drugs without a doctor prescription, thus making Librium easier to acquire for addicts. According to the American Psychiatric Association 11-15 percent of Americans have benzodiazepines, including Librium, available in their homes and as of 2011, benzodiazepines made up for approximately 31 percent of opioid-analgesic overdose deaths.

If you suspect that you are addicted to Librium or a similar benzodiazepine, or are looking for treatment you are not alone. There are many addiction treatment centers throughout the country and there is an increasing amount of resources that can be found online, or at hospitals. Online resources include the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, which aids in finding you a treatment service in your area and also provides a free and confidential 24/7 National Help Line designed to speak with you and get you started on your recovery. Please visit or call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) if you feel that you are in need of recovery or feel that you are addicted. All addictions are difficult to overcome, and these resources are the easiest to reach out to in order to find professional help to finding success in your treatment.

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