Abuse of prescription stimulants such as Dexedrine can lead to addiction.

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Dexedrine is a stimulant, which is used to help people with things such as ADD and ADHD focus throughout the day. Most people have heard about the drug Adderall, as well as the propensity for abuse among the people that use it, but not as many people have ever heard the word dexedrine before. One of the biggest problems when it comes to a dexedrine addiction is the fact that it catches most people off guard. A doctor prescribes the pills in the first place, as is the case for most people that take dexedrine, as there is not a big market for it on the street. The fact that a doctor prescribes the pills makes the addiction sort of sneak its way in. Those people that start taking the pills get hooked on them fairly easily, as they are basically an amphetamine and deliver an up high that is actually pretty similar to Methamphetamine.

If you were to actually notice signs of someone taking dexedrine, there is a good chance you would simply think they were on Meth. This is based on the fact that the euphoric feeling is almost the same and the side effects are going to be the same. Dexedrine makes most people lose quite a bit of weight, as it is going to take away the appetite in almost all people that take it, so rapid weight loss is a big sign. Being twitchy and on edge, or anxious is another tell tale sign of someone being on dexedrine, or another similar substance. You may find a person that is addicted to dexedrine working and tinkering on various projects, or doing busy work all the time. One of the biggest issues when it comes to dexedrine is the fact that the addiction really slips in the door by being prescribed and then the individual that is taking it may get hooked. Another major problem is the fact that those people that are addicted may be taken off the drug, especially if their doctor starts to notice that something is not right, which happens all the time. The absense of the pills may push a person to start using harder drugs, such as methamphetamine or cocaine, so it is important to get professional help for this type of addiction.

When it comes to the methods to treat dexedrine addiction, the best option is going to be to head to a recovery facility. Staying for at least thirty days is crucial, but people may find even more benefit by simply going to narcotics anonymous meetings, or alcoholic anonymous meetings even. Finding a sponsor and working a twelve step program is a very good step to make and if a person feels that they may have trouble adjusting back to regular life without using, they can head to a halfway house. A halfway house is an amazing option for people with addiction problems, as it provides them a stable environment and lets them ease back into life without drugs.

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