CTB is a short-term psychotherapy used to change thought and behavioural patterns.

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Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a practical discipline designed to alter patterns of thinking and behavior in order to achieve optimal change in a person's overall well-being. It uses a person's thoughts, behaviors, and thinking patterns to help a person when faced with emotional issues in life. Unlike other therapies, most CBT sessions only last less than one hour. Some people choose to attend more than one session per week but not more than three a week as people need time to reflect and implement all of the changes being presented in their lives.

This process was founded in the 1960's by Beck whose studies highlighted the dynamic between thoughts and feelings and how people react emotionally using those parameters. he observed people talking to themselves in their heads. Have you ever walked into a shopping mall and saw people talking to themselves? Well we all talk to ourselves in one form or another whether that is giving oneself a pep talk of confidence or pondering your next move.

The whole theory by Beck is based on not specific events that hinder our progress in life but rather the way that we think about an event or person in time. If we can change our thinking patterns about something over time our feelings attached to that event will change to over time. The work comes in finding those emotional patterns and behaviors from childhood until adulthood that hindered or helped your emotional development. For some to get to this point, its art therapy, voice/speech, dreams, hypnotic, writing poems about a traumatic event, and other means of mind enhancement to aid in the healing of the emotions and soul. The more a person can dispel of the negative thoughts in his/her mind, the greater the paths in the brain can be carved to experience positive and cheerful events.

The CBT process causes a person to deeply reflect on why they behave and act the way they do and become more conscious of their triggers of pain in order to make a positive change in their lives. It encourages a person to think rationally and experience the world and their emotions in a more healthy and secure way.

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