Diet Pill are addictive and are not a solution to weight loss.

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Diet pills are any prescription weight loss drug, appetite suppressant, or herbal supplement used to lose weight. They can be over the counter or prescription-only but both have a use for reducing and control weight. The claim of diet pills is to help achieve weight loss by altering appetite, one’s metabolism, or absorption of fat or calories. These results in an individual eating less or burning more calories Very few diet pills require a prescription, even fewer OTC diet pills are regulated by the FDA. This can be very dangerous as they are even available to minors.

Appetite suppressants and diet pills can and usually contain large amounts of addictive substances such as caffeine, ephedrine or any number of herbal stimulants. Any number of these substances can have severe side effects, exacerbated if one develops an addiction. These issues can be severely worsened by anyone already suffering with an eating disorder.

The impact from diet pill addiction can range in severity, as well as affect both men and women. Symptoms of diet pill addiction include; mood swings, chronic mood swings, chest pains, memory loss, blurred vision, stomach pains, insomnia, anxiety, nausea, tremors, severe headaches, irregular heartbeat, rapid breathing, vomiting, hallucinations, blackouts, seizures, kidney/liver damage. The combining of diet pills can lead to heat stroke or heart attack. If you or a loved one is suffering from any of these symptoms as the result of diet pill addiction, please call a physician immediately.

Diet pills and appetite suppressants are only recommended for overweight and obese individuals, but far too often many others start taking them from pressures from society or eating disorders. The risks of taking OTC diet pills without doctor knowledge can lead to devastating results. Many ingredients in these unregulated pills can and will interact with other medication, including laxatives and diuretics.

According to the CDC, nearly one-half of adult Americans currently use diet supplements during 2003-2006. Dietary supplement use in the U.S. has increased since the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) began its initial monitoring of the dietary supplements in the 1970’s.

The weight loss industry is a huge industry and with that, diet pills and appetite suppressants continue to be used by countless people. If you are suffering from diet pill addiction help is available. It may seem intimidating but there are many caring and well-trained addiction specialists who can help you get through this. Please contact and addiction center or your doctor as soon as possible.

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