Holistic Therapy as Treatment for Addiction

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Overview of Addiction

Pretty much everyone knows someone who has struggled with addiction. With so many substances out there, both legal and illegal, that are addictive, it is easy to see why so many people struggle with substance abuse. Substance abuse defines using any substance for a reason other than its intended purpose. For example, someone may be using a prescription medication for a reason other than the illness it is intended to treat. Substance abuse can also lead to dependence, where someone needs this substance to function. Someone may spend an inordinate amount of time hunting down the substance, impacting life with both friends and family. These substances may also generate tolerance, where someone needs more of the substance to achieve the intended effect. All of these are hallmarks of addiction.

Holistic Treatment Approaches

Addiction is a difficult disorder to treat. The patient will often spend a significant amount of time denying they have even have a problem. Even after they acknowledge something is wrong, they may become angry and combative, claiming they can break the habit whenever they want to and refusing help. Next, the patient will likely become depressed when they realize that they do need assistance to overcome their problem and realize this will take some time. The patient will then attempt to bargain, trying to find a way to swap something else in exchange for avoiding treatment. This is because admission of an addition problem is frequently embarrassing and a subject of much social strife. Finally, the patient will accept that they need help and acquiesce to attending therapy.

The most successful treatments take a multifaceted, holistic approach and treat the entire patient. First there are medical therapies. Substances such as Chantix help with tobacco addiction. Disulfiram helps to treat alcohol problems. Flumazenil helps to treat patients addicted to benzodiazepines. There are many different addictions out there, all demanding different treatments.

Addiction should also be a treatment of the mind. Attending counseling sessions with licensed therapists are very important to getting to the root of the problem. Furthermore, group therapy sessions are a cornerstone of holistic therapy. Seeing that there are many other people out there struggling with the same problems is very beneficial to the health and mindset of the individual.

Finally, meditation therapy is very important. The individual needs to reflect inward on the causes of their addiction treatment and how best to eliminate the root of the problem. Only be eliminating the cause of the addiction will the treatment be successful.

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