Adderall is the most commonly prescribed amphetamine

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Drug addiction or dependence is a very real and dangerous threat to a person’s life. Addiction takes control over a person’s life and turns them into a stranger. War on drugs has been occurring for a very long time. Unfortunately, the number of drugs one can become addicted to is frightening. However, many common drug addictions are overshadowed by the more well-known narcotic addictions. On such addiction is the dependence on Adderall.

What is Adderall Addiction?

For those who do not know, Adderall is actually a prescription drug. This drug is meant for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Essentially, Adderall components affect brain chemicals that cause hyperactivity and impulse control. So how does someone get addicted to an ADHD prescription? Addiction derived from misuse occurs when it is recreationally taken for stimulant and euphoric sensations. Overall, deceptive perceptions of happiness happen when the prescription is taken outside of medical reasons.

How common is Adderall Addiction?

Although Adderall addiction can happen to anyone, abuse of Adderall more often occurs in young adults and college students. There have been estimates of Adderall abuse regularly occurring between 20-30 percent of college students. Other reports have found Adderall addiction in the past few years has increased by almost 200 percent. Recreational use of Adderall often gives higher concentration and keeps user awake longer. Ideal for studying. The euphoria feeling gives more frequent and better sex, some say. Popular at parties.

What are Signs of Adderall Addiction?

There are many signs of Adderall addiction. Symptoms can even indicate if the abuse has been going on long-term or short-term. Knowing the following addiction signs can make the difference of helping someone seek treatment before abuse side-effects become long term.


• Headaches

• Dry mouth/ Hoarseness

• Nausea/Upset stomach

• Stomach upset.

• Digestive issues/Diarrhea or constipation

• Reduced appetite

• Anxiety/Restlessness

• Pounding or fast heartbeat

• Shortness of breath

• Excessive fatigue


• Weak/numb arms or legs

• Dizziness

• Slow/Difficult speech

• Chest pain

• Hives/Rash

• Blistering/Peeling skin

• Vision changes/Seizures

• Aggressive behavior

• Paranoia/Mania

Is there Treatment for Adderall Addiction?

The most common method used for Adderall addiction is rehabilitation. Unlike other harmful substances, physical side-effects of Adderall withdrawal is not life threatening. This makes rehabilitation focus more on mental or healing from Adderall rather than physical. People need to learn how to live without abusing the drug. This extremely helps in preventing relapse. Adderall addiction can be broken with the helping hand of treatment!

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