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The Cost of a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program

There is no set cost for rehabilitation programs. The cost depends on the needs of each individual. This should not make any person feel they cannot afford rehab if they have a low income. Treatment options are available at different costs for any level of income.

Understanding Costs

Each rehabilitation program sets their own price. Costs at each facility vary. Some rehab treatment facilities offer free programs while others might bill patients over a thousand dollars a day. Help is available to anyone no matter their budget. Many rehab programs offer financing options, accept insurance and give aid financially. Patients must speak with insurance representatives to know what treatment is covered.

Insurance is not an option for everyone. Talk to counselors and search for a free program or a center for low income patients. Search for a facility that offers financing or financial aid. Rehabs with free programs often have limited spending funds and lengthy waiting lists. Many inpatient facilities do offer financing to patients. Many patients fear debt, but must remember rehab programs are an investment. Getting healthy is a payment to yourself. Being sober gives the patient their life back. A recovered addict will pay the debt instead of using money for drugs and alcohol.

Costs and Addiction Treatment Types

Cost and addiction treatment types go hand-in-hand. There are many different things that affect both.

Detox Outpatient programs can cost up to $1,500. Most inpatient programs include detox. Some addictions have dangerous side effects making them harder to monitor so the price is higher. Some inpatient programs cost about $6,000 for 30 days. 60 to 90 day programs can range from $12,000 to $60,000.

Outpatient Rehab programs cost about $5,000 for three months.

Medications and the types of treatment needed by the patient affect the cost. Some people do not need any medication while others need it to help treat opiate addiction. This can cost a few thousand dollars.

The Cost of Addiction

Rehab is cheaper than addiction no matter your income. Addiction often leads to skipping work and losing jobs. The price of drugs combined with loss of work and health issues associated with drugs is expensive. Many addicts spend thousands of dollars each year on feeding their addiction.

The Cost of Addiction Treatment Factors

Several things affect the cost of treatment.

The Program

Inpatient programs are much more expensive that outpatient programs. Housing and intensive treatment for inpatient facilities is expensive. The length of the program also affects the price.


Detox from certain addictions affects the cost due to monitoring. Alcohol and heroin addicts many times need medication to help with detox. Counseling is part of most programs and affects cost as well.

Rehab Amenities

Free and low income facilities don't usually offer amenities. These may include chef prepared dinners, recreation areas, massages and large rooms.

Non-profit and State-funded Programs

You must meet state requirements for a low income program. Many non-profit organizations offer these programs at a reduced or even free cost. There are also programs funded by the state in many places.

Getting Started

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