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12 Steps Program

The 12 Steps were developed in the mid-1930’s by Alcoholics Anonymous founders Bill W. and Dr Bob as a process to overcome alcohol addiction. By the 1940’s AA had been successful enough to inspire other addiction support groups, which adapted the steps to their specific needs. Today there are more than 200 self-help organisations using the 12 Step program, such as Cocaine Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, and many others.

As the names suggest, 12 Step groups emphasise confidentiality. Participants meet regularly to encourage and support each other. Most groups use a Sponsor / Sponsee model: an experienced person who is in recovery guides the newer member through the steps.

The Sponsor usually make themselves available to the new member 24/7. Alcoholics Anonymous defines a Sponsor as “a person to turn to without embarrassment when doubts, questions, or problems linked to alcoholism arise. Sponsorship gives the newcomer an understanding, sympathetic friend when one is needed most. Sponsorship also provides the bridge enabling the new person to meet other alcoholics — in a home group and in other groups visited.

The 12 Steps emphasise spirituality, but the program has been a huge help to many nonreligious people. Each person is encouraged to turn to a greater power, as they understand that power, for strength, so that no one worldview or religion is promoted.

The purpose of the 12 Steps is abstinence, resisting the urge to abuse a substance or engage in self-destructive behaviour.

Recovery is an ongoing process. Using the 12 Steps as guidelines, a participant finds what specific thoughts and actions work best for their needs in each situation. Most find that they will revisit some steps as “life happens.” Being able to turn to a group and a Sponsor who have gone through challenges and come out stronger is a profound help.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholism doesn't care about social or financial status. It doesn't know race or creed. It doesn't care about age or infirmity. Once it has you it is almost impossible to beat and is a vicious cycle putting most on a carousel that most feel helpless to jump off of. Is there hope? Is there a solution?

For those who suffer from this terrible affliction, there is a place you can go that is safe, friendly and inviting. It is also famous for its anonymity. This place is Alcoholics Anonymous or AA. It was founded in 1935 by Bill Wilson and Dr Bob Smith, both notorious alcoholics. When they were at the worst points of their suffering they came together and established what we now know as AA. It's "Primary Purpose" was for alcoholics to help other alcoholics obtain sobriety and maintain sobriety.

The program has evolved through the years and we now have Al-anon, a program for those who suffer the effects of having a friend or loved one who is an alcoholic. It is a support-based program to help those with an alcoholic family member. It gives them the tools to help them cope and hopefully lead the suffering alcoholic to get help. For the younger set, there is Alateen. It is specifically geared for the teens who suffer from the debilitating effects that alcohol has on a family.

The success lays in going to a meeting, getting support, learning about the 12 steps and 12 traditions. Get involved and get a sponsor. We'll assist you to find the help and the support you need amongst other individuals who suffer from the exact same thing you do.

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous further referred to as NA, is a nonprofit organisation provided for people who have developed a problem with drug addiction. Within NA these people meet regularly to help one another stay abstinent from all drug use. NA is open to anyone and everyone who wishes to defeat their battle against drug addiction in a positive uplifting environment. There are no fees, no papers, no pledges, or promises associated with NA. Only human beings wishing to better their lives and the lives of those around them through support and positive healing. You are not obligated to disclose what you used, how much, who from, or anything you’ve done in the past or present. You must only bring an attitude devoted to change for the better.

Everyone has goals and the purpose of NA is to nurture these goals, and offer strength for the recovering addict to stay clean even when it seems impossible. Having the strength of others who are fighting just as hard as you is all one needs to continue to attend meetings. Typically those who continue to attend meetings regularly stay clean and lead happier lives.

When you enter an NA meeting you will meet people from various backgrounds and walks of life but they, and you, are here for one reason, to find healing and strength through the help of others while simultaneously offering strength to others in need. There are no mental health professionals, no attendance sheets, nothing to stop you from coming or going when you please or judging eyes watching. Only other addicts looking for a better path in life.

Smart Recovery

Have you ever had addiction problems or know someone who does? Most people with an addiction or who have overcame an addiction know that an effective tool for beating addiction is a support system. Support systems include family, friends, anonymous groups and more. One support system that may be overlooked is hotlines. Hotlines are able to provide a variety of addiction fighting help! One such hotline is a hotline run by a non-profit organisation called SMART Recovery.

SMART Recovery operates a twenty-four-hour hotline that is dedicated to assisting people with addictions. Elements of addictions covered in the organisation’s expertise include alcohol, narcotics, illegal drugs, and prescriptions. A unique feature of SMART Recovery is that its spectrum of help even extends to addictions like porn, gambling, sex, and food. The organisation literally offers treatment solutions to almost any addiction, unlike other hotlines that usually specialise in a particular type of addiction. You know an organisation is there to help you when it is not only declining profit for services but will also not turn you away!

No matter what you're going through, there is an addiction treatment solution that's right for you.

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